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Going places!

I’m Jenn. Born and raised in Arizona. Became overweight, and eventually obese. In spite of that, I was still able to find and marry the man of my dreams, and shortly after we were married, we moved to Colorado. Became morbidly obese (and really, I can’t think of two more ominous sounding words coupled together in medical terminology, can you?), and we eventually left Colorado to pursue happiness in gorgeous Minnesota. This is where, about two years ago, I visited my doctor and realized that my morbid (YUK!) obesity (DOUBLE YUK!) was now compounded with with skyrocketing blood pressure, borderline diabetic blood levels, and two arthritic knees that will eventually require replacement. Fun stuff for a girl not yet 40.

So, I set out to find some help… not from any real human beings, of course. (This chick was losing the mental war with The Fatness, and certainly didn’t feel equipped to seek help for her reality from other human beings… face to face. My search of the interwebs led me to a website called SparkPeople, and this is where the seed was planted that would change this expanding, lifeless, tumbleweed to (hopefully one day) a mighty oak tree. I only lost ten pounds at the time, then yo-yo’d between these same ten pounds for the next 14 months. I finally had a moment of clarity in March of 2010 that made me realize how precious my life and my health are. I was scheduled to fly from Minnesota to Arizona to visit my family, and almost had to miss it due to a battle with a vicious case of diverticulitis and other weight-intensified health issues. In the final hours before my flight, I made the decision to go even though I felt like death. I boarded the plane, buckled up my always humiliating seatbelt extender, and decided that not only had I had enough, but that I was DONE. So, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do: I looked my Fatness right in its chubby little face, and as a result began eating less, eating better, and, worst (or best?) of all… exercising. My Fitness Fire and desire to transcend was born.

My Fitness Fire is fueled by three things: One – my incredible new healthy home away from home, my gym; and the wonderful trainers and friends I have found there. Two – SparkPeople.com. If you have a lot of weight to lose and don’t even know where to begin when it comes to eating right and exercising – my friend, I have SO been there. If it hadn’t been for me finding this incredible FREE resource online, I wouldn’t have found the courage to begin. Three – my wonderful husband of nine years, who is taking this journey with me; and is just competitive enough with me to inspire, but loves me enough to gently drag me to the gym, SIX days a week… and never complains as he works out right by my side (and I drip sweat all over him!)

I hope you enjoy my story, and that you’ll share yours with me, too.


2 thoughts on “About Jenn

  1. Hey Jenn! I wasn’t sure how to contact you… I saw that you commented on Kris’s blog post that you hadn’t heard of the Kraft Cooking Creme. I was wondering if you would like me to send you some coupons so that you could try the product. You can email me at 1521kristiatgmaildotcom.

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