Wednesday Lens Day: The Afterglow

I have to be honest. Lately, I haven’t even the slightest inclination to write here. Even when it comes to sharing victories.

That being said, I know I need a place to vent. A place for accountability. But more than that, a place to chronicle moments of my life. I’m starting to realize that I have forgotten so much of my life, unless I have the moments captured in images.

I have no idea why, but I sense big changes on the horizon, and I don’t want to miss (forget?) a thing. I hope my blog won’t be quiet as the changes come, but I know that my camera can’t be.

So, feel free to harass me on Twitter and Facebook if I forget to post some photos at least a couple of times a month here. If you want to see more of my stuff, check out my new profile at 500px. I have been having SO much fun with this website! If you like photography, I must warn you that the community features make it SO very addictive. If you decide to sign up for an account (they’re free, with limited downloads per week), be sure to let me know so I can follow you there!

Now, a couple of images to fulfill my long unfulfilled Wednesday Lens Day obligation – critiques are welcome!  🙂

Green on Bluestem


Hope everyone is having a great week. And I hope to share a more personal update here soon. Hugs!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Lens Day: The Afterglow

  1. I love that you posted a Lens Day post Jenn, I love your photography. I know you struggle to post, and can’t find the words at times. I hope that perhaps making a routine of Lens Day you will get into the groove of things.
    You know I will be harassing you to stay on with your posts ❤ you honey!

  2. I let last week slide, but 2 weeks is a no no! Post a photo or fear my RAWR!! I miss you I’ve been a bad friend. When I get back from Chicago (after Labor day) can we do a coffee or workout and catch up? I miss you!

  3. Thanks sweets. I know, I’ve been terrible at updating here. Dealing with huge scheduling changes due to work and workouts. Creativity and expression are stifled at the moment. Hopefully next week’s visit from my parents will inspire. And I miss you, too! Would love another workout with you — maybe a bike ride, if I can get some practice in first?

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