The Results are In

This is just for you, Kris, since you’s so ding-danged impatient and stuff.  😉

As some of you know, this week I entered five of my photos in the Washington County Fair (maximum entries allowed). I entered three in the (let’s be honest, less competitive) Washington County Fair categories of Animals, Carnival and Fair Activities and Miscellaneous. One was in the Novice Animal category, and one was in the Novice Miscellaneous category. What’s funny about the whole thing, is that the results way exceeded my expectations. Even funnier, the one image that I thought had a chance, was actually the only one of the five that didn’t place.

That image? This one, which actually was popular with most of you (and me, too):

I don't need a ribbon. I'm still Jenn's favorite.

But I didn’t come away from the experience a loser. My winnings include a third place ribbon for “Zooey”:

Third Place

A second place ribbon for “Zipper”:

Second Place

A first place (BLUE!!!) ribbon for “Them Apples” (coincidence that the photo actually has a blue ribbon in it?):

First Place! - Apple juggle and dance, anyone?

And finally… a blue first place ribbon AND a gorgeous, ginormous lavender Reserve Champion ribbon for:

Oink, which here forward shall be called "Soooome Pig!"

I am so very happy, and so very surprised. This must be what shock feels like, only warmer.

And I still have a goal to reach next year. Must win that GRAND CHAMPION purple ribbon!


7 thoughts on “The Results are In

  1. Push push push… I’m a pusher! You have no choice now but to start LensDay again! You need to sharpen your focus and keep your eyes on the prize!!
    I am excited for you, and excited to see them at the fair tomorrow! See what happens when you go after your goals Jenn! You dug deep and went after this one and look what happened… that warm gushy feeling in your gut, that uncontrollable smile that you are sporting right now… that urge to jump up and down and scream and squeal…. you are AWESOME!!!
    I love you Momma!!!!!

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