I Want That Ribbon

Much thanks for the comments I received on my last post. You were much help to me.

But… I still have a decision to make in another class/lot in my quest for glory at the Washington County Fair, and would like your opinion once again.

Of the photos below, please let me know which one you think is best, and feel free to tell me why. I’m sorry if I seem a little goofy about this, but I haven’t won a ribbon of achievement since elementary school – and yes, I used to be a real overachiever. As part of my fitness journey, I am trying to get back to who I used to be; before I let those negative voices into my head.

Here ya go, and thanks for your critiques! (Oh, and  I added a “Share” button to the blog today, so feel free to use it.)  🙂


Doors To Nowhere

Rusted Rocks

Spaced Out


Resting Dreams

Update – adding one more:

Lounge Door


11 thoughts on “I Want That Ribbon

  1. I like the rusted Rocks, i like the contrast of light and bright. But feelings are more evoked from the doors to nowhere photo. 🙂 I am glad to see you going after what you want. #Rawr! Go after it girl! ❤ you!

  2. Love the colors and shading of the lift. The shading is fantastic! My fav is the doors. I got lost in it!

  3. I think they are all beautiful, but each is unique in its own way. My personal favorite is “Doors To Nowhere.” It had so much character, and I love the different textures, colors and shadings. One of the comments stated it perfectly about getting lost in it. Your dad likes “Presidential” he remembers seeing it when you took the boat on the St Croix, and he remembers the story of there being a place in the rock that resembles an Indian head. Good luck Jenn, we love you<3

  4. “Doors To Nowhere” makes me think, makes me want to know where those doors once went, and what people used them for and how they feel about them going nowhere now. Its beautiful in the thought process it brings on.

    “Lift” on the other hand shows us nature and civilzation colliding. The strength of the river is flooding over the man made walkway and getting close to the man made bridge created to traverse it. The whole scene is just beautiful and serene as well.

    All of the photographys is beautiful, I love it.

  5. Thanks so much to all of you for your comments. I am so lucky to have the support of friends, old and new! ❤ I was finally able to decide, and submitted my entries last night. Blog post coming (hopefully today) sharing which ones I chose. Whew! I'm nervous! 🙂

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