So, what’s the plan again?

Check me out — all redecorating around here and stuff. Whaddaya think? A girl has to keep things interesting if she intends to remain interested. And no, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll be trying tofu anytime soon.

This week has been a good one. The pace has slowed down for me a little, and for that, I am thankful. I am still considerably behind on housework and other projects, but at least I am getting caught up with work again. Just in time, too, because it’s about to get crazy again — I found out we’ll be helping Mal’s aunts move again (to a bigger apartment) the first week of July — the same week we are moving Mal’s parents into the same apartment complex from their house. Please, send lots of cupcakes and tequila coffee!

This week my food tracking streak continues, with the exception of only one meal. Not bad… and the payoff for all this hard work? Twelve pounds lost between May 28th (2 days before the 5k) and Monday (June 7th). Finally — a SCALE victory!!!

I had a wonderful dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s in Roseville on Monday night with a few of my PriorFatPack girls, and got to spend time sipping a latte, chatting and strolling the mall with Kris (the voice of beforehand. She really looks amazing! It seems like every time I hang out with her, I can see a positive change in her physical appearance, and it’s so inspiring. I know this is too late for a Wednesday Lens Day post, but I have to share Kris in her amazing dress (a special surprise from this former connoisseur of men’s pocket tees):

Dressy Miss Kris

Isn’t she a hottie? And here’s the pic I took of Meredith, Deanna (Kris’ mystery guest), Kris and Liz after dinner:

Lovely Ladies, Great Company: Meredith, Deanna, Kris & Liz

In other news, Mal has brought up the once taboo subject of me taking on more responsibility with Jenkat Games, and lucky for him he nailed it on timing. I’ve been feeling a little restless and bored with just the accounting and support email stuff, so I’m ready and willing to give this opportunity a go! We discussed the possibility last night over a hamburger at Famous Dave’s (our cheaty-cheat meal), and he informed me that we’d be working together on implementing new features to the website in order to simplify customer support for me. I will also have the responsibility of  establishing new partnerships with game development companies to expand our offering of free games. I’m not gonna lie, that part intimidates me a little, but I figure anything that forces me out of my comfort zone would be a good thing for me to conquer at this moment. I will also be given the reins on our social media accounts, as well as the Jenkat Games blog, which we recently reintroduced. Whew. I’m overwhelmed just sharing this list… but, maybe a little excited, too.

Now begins the difficult part for me: planning my days so that I make the best use of my time. I need to find a way to get some more workouts in — I know I won’t continue to lose weight on only 2 workouts a week, for GymJim’s sake!  My healthy eating (at HOME) is also crucial. I’ll also need to keep some free time open for family, friends and photography. ‘Tis daunting and since I’m still trying to make my habits “stick” again… so any advice you all can offer up on how you save time workout out or preparing meals would be much appreciated!


4 thoughts on “So, what’s the plan again?

  1. Where is YOUR beautiful face in those pictures?!?! We want to see you too!! Wish I could have been there for dinner, I miss you all!

    Congrats on the weight loss! That’s fantastic! For me, planning has been a huge part of my day and week. Grocery shopping for the week, making my lunch in the mornings to take with me to work, and just planning to drink enough water are my focus right now. As soon as I am “allowed” to exercise again, that will be a WHOLE different plan. Sometimes I make a schedule or to-do list at night before I go to bed for the following day.

    • We miss you, too! When is your next trip to the MSP, mama? Bring your camera, and maybe I’ll let you take a photo of me. But probably not. 😉 I am much happier behind the lens, thank you.

      Thanks for the kudos and reminders of how I can better plan my week.

  2. AHHHH!!!!! Photos of me *runs and hides* You darling are making fantastic positive changes that I too see everytime we get together. I am so impressed and inspired by you. You are a resiliant brilliant and wonderful individual. I am so blessed to have you as my friend and a fellow travler on this journey.
    And while the road is bumpy for me right now I know smoother days are ahead. We seem to take turns dont we.
    I love you!!!! Next time… we get our server to take a photo of the whole group!

    • Wow, I am overwhelmed by the compliments. ❤ And I think that I am the blessed one, lady! You are a gem of a friend, and I love you! And yes, better days are ahead. Just hang on, and let me know when you need a friend to listen. I'm here.

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