Where Am I?

I thought I remembered putting me here somewhere…

Thanks to anyone who is sticking around to read my sporadic ramblings here despite the fact that my journal’s been “dark” for most of the month. In the end, I need to write here for me, and I have just had some bigger fish to fry as of late. Having anyone willing to read and add encouragement to what I share here is icing on the cake for me – and believe me, I LOVE icing! And, I do thank you for checking in with me.

Last week was complete pandemonium in my personal life. I wish I could share the details here, but for now I have to remain mum. I hope to share more one day, but there are times when a personal life needs to remain, well …. personal. So, some of the goings on have been a struggle, but each of these struggles have been wrapped in huge blessings, and I am happier than I’ve been in a long time. Mal and I are going through professional changes, too. Our company is nearing the end of development on our first iPhone app, a game based on the Finders Keepers game that we developed and was released as a PC download and online game in 2007. I have always loved this game and I’ve been proud that I was involved (in a very small role) in the development of it, and now am so excited to see how it will do on the iPhone. Angry Birds, you better watch your angry backs! If you are on Facebook, check out the Facebook app – I promise, it’s a worthy time waster! Anyway, this is a new direction for the company, and I am excited to see where things will lead for Jenkat Games. We are four years in to running our own business. Hard to believe we’ve made it that long, and I am so proud that we have been able to hang tough through these troubled financial times. God willing, there will be more blessings to count in our future – and we are grateful for every one!

The events of the past week have placed my health into razor-sharp focus again, and I am eating well and tracking my food very consistently. I’ve had a 7 pound gain in the last month, and I need to reign that in. I have a new trainer schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays, which should work better for them and me. Mal will be training with me, at least through April. After that we’ll have to see how we fit into our trainers’ schedules. But I hope to be able to work well enough on my own by then that I can rely on my trainers less and less, but I still hope to deliver the successful results I made a commitment to achieve back in November. I think they know where my heart is, and I need to keep proving that to them, and to myself.

My photography is still a priority to me, but has had to be on the back burner the last couple of weeks. With the warmer temps right around the corner, I hope to make good on my promise to myself to do a weekly photo post this Wednesday. My heart is still in it, just need to get my head back there. It’ll come. It’s just so difficult for me to force myself to feel inspired in an artistic sense. Kris, don’t give up on me — and sharp stick pokes are always welcome! Ta for now, hopefully not for long.

4 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. Razor sharp focus you say… 😀 yay!! You got this hon!! It just takes climbing back on a few times until the seat is worn with your buttgroove enough that you slip less!
    Let me know when I’m headin to Woodbury. Thursday the 24th i think it is is open for me or we can bump to later. But not too long or i will get the stick again!!

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