My Camera Is Quiet

No photos to share yet this week. I’ve been playing a lot of catch-up with home and work stuff due to being sick all of last week, and haven’t wanted to brave the outdoors with my lingering cough. I had every intention of going out and shooting away yesterday, but the sharp wind left me more inclined to go for a mall walk indoors and see a movie, where nothing caught my photographic fancy.

Hopefully the arrival of spring will unleash my creativity. And, I’m still looking at point and shoot cameras and hope to pick one up sooner than later. People are, by far, my favorite photographic subject, but I feel like some folks are understandably intimidated by my clunky Nikon and zoom lens getting all up in their face. I get that. I am hoping that a point and shoot will be a good solution for me to feel like I can take photos of people without “intruding” in their space.

The week so far is good for me on the exercise front, but eating habits are still an issue. Comfort food did it’s job while I was sick, and I am still clinging to it. I hadn’t had the energy to get to the store for fresh and healthy stuff last week, and finally righted that wrong today. (I love you, Trader Joes!) Hopefully tomorrow I can move closer to the right track.

I have been casually playing with my free Instagram app on my iPhone, and that has been kind of fun. You can see my gallery in my Flickr feed if you look to the right of this post. Yeah, over there! ———–>

I have an iTunes card and would like to use it to invest in other fun photo apps, and am open to suggestions. Are any readers of this blog iPhone users? I’d love to read comments on what photo apps you use, and why you like them!


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