She’s Snow Sick

The title of this entry doesn’t just reflect me having my fill of the white stuff, even though I kind of have … but also that I think I am coming down with my first bout with an illness since I began eating better and exercising back in March of last year. The cooties seem to be grabbing me by (and in) the throat tonight. While I do not have a doctor’s confirmation, I’d bet my gimpy left big toe that I have a wicked case of strep coming on.

I’m kind of irked about this, as I just took two days rest from the gym. I would not have had I known that I’d be down with the sickness today. In spite of my nose dribbles and gullet burn, I did drag my dizzy self downstairs today and completed a 30 minute/6.5 mile blast of cardio on my recumbent bike. I’m now wondering if this might have been a mistake, as I have felt worse for wear ever since. Now I’m praying that the sun will come out tomorrow (bet your bottom dollar!), and that I’ll wake up and realize that this crud du jour was simply a scene from a bad dream had as the result of a sugar coma that I suffered after I nearly swallowed whole indulged in those 2 ginormous chocolate chip cookies from Brine’s Market on Sunday. (Hey, it could happen.)

So, a few updates on how I’ve been doing. In the exercise department, I feel like I have been hitting my stride again. CHECK! I actually have been looking forward to going to the gym again, and I love the looks on my trainers’ faces when they see me walk through the door everyday. The best! The first part of last week, I was FAR from happy about daily workouts. I was so fatigued, and felt like it was taking all the effort in me to even ride the elliptical for more than 10 minutes. By the end of the week (and after having three KILLA workouts with my trainers), I was full throttle again. I actually would have made the trip into the gym today had it not been for the snow. I was willing to workout out under the weather, but wasn’t willing to drive in it, too.

Eating definitely still needs improvement. Tracking is going well for the most part. Plus I’ve been working (and mostly succeeding) at managing my portions and making better choices — until tonight, when my sicky-sick head got the better of my taste buds and I ordered up a grilled cheese, fries and a vanilla shake for dinner. And, as I mentioned before, there were some cookies brought into my home this weekend that can no longer be accounted for…

It’s a process, and I am getting better. I do feel confident that now that the gym routine is solid, that the eating part will work itself out. I’ll thank you buckaroos kindly to keep prodding me on that one, ya hear?

I’m making plans for a busy summer. In June I plan to attend my husband’s family reunion in Star Prairie, WI, and I’m looking forward to helping with the photo boards of family photos they plan to display. I also have an idea to set up a photo booth that family members can go into and take “self portraits”, uninhibited. I think I already mentioned my plans to see a Michael Buble show in Des Moines, and it looks like I will be headed home to Arizona in July for a memorial/family get together in honor of my grandmother Sandi who passed away in January. Lord knows I’ll sweat in Arizona in July!

The pic below was taken on my last trip to Arizona, back in March of last year. In it, I am wearing the same top I wore on my dinner adventure with Kris last week. By the time I head back home again, I want to have to RETIRE that top, because I can no longer wear it without looking rid-ding-dong-diculous.

My papa, me, my sister's boyfriend, and mi madre after consuming grande steaks at San Tan Flat.

I’m thinking of setting a weight loss goal to reach by the time I leave for AZ. That would be about 4 months (give or take a few days) from today. Any suggestions from you guys on a reasonable goal? I was thinking I’d try for a 35 lb. loss between now and then. Too much? Think I can do better?

4 thoughts on “She’s Snow Sick

  1. boo!!! for getting sick! I hate being down with the sickness, but I can totally relate, and it seems to come in waves. I used to get sick a ton! Now I get sick a fair bit. Someday I will say I only get sick a little bit right? Right!

    You are not the only one that is sick of this snow. Seriously I want to strangle mother nature. There is no reason that we need this much snow. I am so sick of it. I don’t really want it to be like 110 degrees out either, but I am really getting tired of the difficult driving conditions and the headaches that it causes for my job etc.

    So you still need to work on eating? Dont we all? As Jen (Priorfatgirl) said in a post a while back, the real world has fries! Eating is a delicate balance as I sit here chowing down on my snack trying to stave-off a binge knowing dinner isnt for hours yet.
    Pick one aspect of it you want to work on and do it. 80% of the time you are doing great then dont worry about the other 20% of the time. You will be on the right path and happy!

    As for your 35 pound goal, if you can dream it you can be it! right?! I personally dislike goals that tie weights to dates. I would LOVE to be 250 by my birthday. (So 250 by July 6th) It is very attainable, I Think. I am at like 263/264, last I checked. however I will not tie myself to it. However 250 is a minigoal for me.
    But goal setting just like weightloss and exercise is different for everyone so I say if it sounds good to you go for it! If you are aprehensive about it then we could talk about other goals together 🙂 I am good at that.

    oh and that shirt is ready to be retired already hon. Round is a shape, but it is not yours You got curves! 😀 it is too big for you

    • Being sick, quite simply, SUCKS. I have finally risen out of bed for more than two hours since the cooties kicked in, and I am feeling surprisingly spunky. I may even post here tonight.

      Re: Mother Nature, she can bite me. 🙂

      I am considering your thoughts on setting a goal weight by a date. I have never really tried it, so I am game to give it a go, and see whether it motivates me, or pressures me to fail. Won’t know until I try… I just don’t want to tie myself to a completely unreasonable number. Maybe I’ll ask my trainer for advice, once I get her a copy of my food journal.

      And I love you for saying I can pitch my tent shirt! I am so ready to clean out my closet this spring and have a Goodwill/eBay auction day!

    • Ann, I used to get it a lot too, when I was younger. I didn’t get to the doctor to verify that it was strep — and since I feel better tonight (after only two really bad days), maybe it wasn’t strep after all. Whatever it was, it laid me out! I hope I wake up ready to get back to the gym, because I’ve MISSED it.

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