Wednesday Lens Day: New Friend Edition

Yes, I have a new friend! And she’s awesome. Inspiring, too. I wish I could gush about it for a while, for I had the bestest time, but I am speaking (and no doubt will soon be typing) like a stroke victim. 11 PM is very late for me, especially considering the brief but intense workout Mal and I had with Trainer Herm this morning, and the mall walk with my new buddy tonight.

I would be in bed, but since Kris (my new buddy) threatened me with violence made me promise to do my Wednesday photo post, I’m a-doing it!  😉  She also gently reminded me that I haven’t made an entry here since last Wednesday, and for that, I apologize — mostly to myself. I’ve had so much going on, and I should be making the time to note the goings-on it here. I’ll make an effort to do that before the weekend!

So back to my new friend Kris, a fellow health and weight loss blogger, who found my little journal here via a mutual friend, JP. She’s been faithful at commenting here and offering loads of encouragement, support and understanding. I have been so grateful for her “voice” here, and am thrilled to have met her in person tonight.

Kris at Crave

She is a weight loss inspiration, and I want to be her when I grow up! I was so impressed by her confidence, humor and kindness. She has a fascinating story, and I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from her. I can’t wait until our next chance to meet, so I can dig a little deeper into those emotional layers. I am not one to pry, but her openness makes me feel like I’ve known her for ages.

We met at the Mall of America and had dinner at Crave. Neither of us had ever been there, so it was fun to analyze food choices on the menu with another Crave noob. I figured that since I was already miles from my comfort zone, that I might as well really step out, so I ordered Sesame Ahi Tuna as my entree (again, something I have never tasted before). I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how GOOD it was. It came with steamed rice and gingered veggies — all very good. The portion sizes were ridiculously GIGANTIC, so we each took half of our dinners home (you can see the remnants in the photo above – ha!). And Kris wasn’t even embarrassed to walk around the mall with me as I carried the leftovers of my stinky fish dinner.  🙂  Her stir fry was a much less offensive odor. She’s cool, I tell ya!

I am adding a “cheat” to this post, since Malcolm took this photo for us. As JP mentioned on Twitter today, and I agree, Kris and I are “2 peas in a very awesome pod.” Thanks to JP, for bringing me into the fold, and thanks Kris, for the great convo and friendship!

Babes in the making!


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Lens Day: New Friend Edition

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    • James, we owe it to you. Would love it if you could join us one time, too. Kris has made it known that she’s willing to trek east for a shot o’ java or dinner, and I’m holding her to it!

  2. So chickerdoodle since I forgot to ask while we were out…

    Have you worked out with that kettlebell yet? I was curious about yourimpressions of it since I can’t use them I’m always curious about that stuff! 🙂

    • Nope, no kettlebell yet. I did get some advice on some safe movements to try (to avoid injury, given my fitness level) from my trainer Herm. I had plans to pop in the DVD this afternoon and give it a go since I skipped the gym today, but after my cardio I was totaled. Maybe once I zap these cooties from my system.

      In other news, I’ve decided I need to invest in a balance ball and a weighted bar. Oh, and a punch bag for when Malcolm doesn’t wanna spar with me. 😀

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