Wednesday Lens Day: Ice, Ice, Baby

I hope everyone is having a good week and clinging to warm thoughts! I can almost smell Spring, in spite of the fact that I’ve worked out every day this week and am sitting next to the laundry pile.  😉  I hear that we may be basking in near 40 degree temps in the Twin Cities on Sunday! (Hopefully I didn’t just jinx us.) I may even muster up enough courage to clean the garage and go for a walk if these predictions become true!

Hopefully the dog days of Winter are behind us, but today my photo post features —  what else? — ICE. I give you scenes from the St. Paul Winter Carnival. Not my best effort at artistry, but my images aren’t as sharp when the brew hounds are walking into me under challenging lighting conditions (it was dusk). Actually, the blur kind of worked on one of the images, even if it wasn’t completely intended.

I’d appreciate any love/constructive criticism.  🙂

Fire-less Dragons -- the detail and texture on this sculpture was amazing!

The Coolest Celebration on Earth



Girl Meets Butterfly

In case you couldn't tell.

Looking Up in the Landmark Center



Parade Route




6 thoughts on “Wednesday Lens Day: Ice, Ice, Baby

  1. You certainly didn’t jynx us, if anyone did I blame Sven Sunguard or whatever his name is, who said the worst of this is over for the year come the weekend. Way to go doofus were gonna get a March blizzard now.

    The Photos are great! I have never been to the Winter Carnival, I have no idea what it is, but the ice sculptures sure are pretty!

    • That darned Sven and that plastic hair of his (at least it looks plastic on my TV)! I say we all rent bulldozers and push all the March snow to his backyard. 🙂

      Thanks for the props! It was a fun day out, and next year I hope to get in on watching some of the sculptures being made – they were amazing!

    • Ann, me TOO! I am dying to get outside. When I work out later in the morning, the stationary bike at my gym sits right in front of a southern facing window, so I get bathed in warm sunshine as I ride. It feels SO GOOD!

      And THANK YOU for the compliment. I have such a hard time believing in myself and my abilities, so it means the world when someone is so kind to give me “love”! 😀

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