Taking Inventory

OK, quick drive-by entry for the day… just to take inventory on how I’m doing on the short list of goals I set for myself this week.

I planned to do 3 – 45 minute cardio sessions this week, and so far I have done 2 – 30 minute sessions, 1 – 1 hour session, and 1 – 35 minute session. I didn’t make the 45 minutes, but I will call this a success, since I did 4 sessions instead of 3!

I also planned for one session with my trainers at the gym, and I made that today. Trainer Herm will be pleased to know that I am feeling that workout EVERYWHERE. I am so sore, I am ready to go lay in the snow for a while just to take the burn away.

On the coffee front, I am drinking much less than I was, cutting my daily consumption by about 75%. I am also sticking to my one Diet Coke a day limit, and drinking my quota of water. Go me!

Eating at home is the biggest struggle of this week, especially since we went out of town yesterday. We had dinner out in St. Cloud, and the food sucked so I only at about half of my meal, but stopped for a DQ on the way home. No, it wasn’t worth it.  :/  I am over ice cream at the moment. We had lunch out this afternoon, too. Bad choices were made, but I got back to my routine at dinner. Food journaling isn’t at 100% yet, but it’s awfully close to becoming a habit again.

Photography is going better than so-so. I plan to take my camera out with me this weekend, and I have been having fun with my new favorite iPhone app, Instagram. I’ve been putting some of those images on Flickr, and you can see them in my feed over there. —–>

Looking forward to keeping on track this weekend. I have purchased no special foods for the big game, nor do I intend to. If anything, I am thinking about making some fresh salsa (my mom’s KILLER recipe), as a special treat. Look, ma! I’m planning again!  🙂

Have a good weekend, all!


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