Hola, February!

February, I heart you. You are already doing so much better by me than that wicked January did.

Today was a better than average day, as I feel like my tiny little fitness fire/spark was rekindled! Had a great meeting with a few of the people in the Anytime Fitness Lifestyle Challenge group, and Sharon included some good information to get me thinking about new, small changes that can be made to move closer to my goals without being overwhelmed. I did a 45 minute cardio workout before the meeting, and it blasted every last bit of energy right out of me. As I said in the post I did at our group blog — I guess the body really does get mad at you when you try to fuel it with pizza and pancakes. Touché, muscles! At least I had Malcolm by my side. Watching him chug along (besting my efforts, effortlessly) is always GREAT motivation for me.

I didn’t do any food journaling today, but will work on that tomorrow. I did eat pretty well (could do better, and shall do better), and I drank all my water required for the day — the first time I’ve done that in at least a couple of weeks, so yippee for me!

I did get half of my grocery shopping done this evening, and plan to hit Trader Joe’s to finish up tomorrow morning after my big date with the boobie buster (aka the mammogram machine … it sometimes sucks being 40!), and I do hope to get a workout in, preferably at the gym if time allows. If not, I’ll be breaking in my boxing mitts, dangit!

Oh, and I have to thank Mal for throwing down the gauntlet and offering incentives to me for making the effort to cook healthy meals at home this week. I am very excited about my potential rewards: If I make it through this weekend without any unscheduled meals out, I get to order a new pair of headphones that I think will be awesome for sleeping and maybe even working out. Aren’t they cool?

Second potential reward (if I get through NEXT weekend, same deal), is a new coffeemaker. Ours is all corroded and icky in spite (or because of?) of my repeated attempts to clean it. If my in-laws didn’t consume about a pot per person when they visit, I swear I would just go with a press! Haven’t yet decided on a maker yet, so I am looking for recommendations. If you have the bestest coffeemaker in the whole wide world, please leave me a comment and share the deets, and tell me why you love it!

Off to track my workout — it feels very satisfying to have something to track!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Hola, February!

  1. I am useless for a coffeemaker referral. I have a cheap one, and I drink about 3 cups of coffee in about 3 days. LOL. I guess I don’t need to have a big, nice, fancy one. Good luck, I’d love to see what you end up getting!!

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