First, let me get a few things off my chest: I feel like I should apologize (mostly to myself) for being absent from journaling, both here and at the Anytime Fitness Lifestyle Challenge blog this week. I haven’t been idle – I’ve kept myself pretty busy with family commitments, photography, traveling, reading – basically, doing whatever I’ve wanted to do. And unfortunately, eating whatever I’ve wanted to eat.

I’ve been living loose and not keeping to a scheduled routine, which leads me too far off course, and I slip. I’ve been active, but I haven’t exercised. I feel guilty that my workout with Trainer Sharon was missed when we got back to town on Friday because I had another appointment scheduled previously that I’d completely forgotten about (again, because of lack of routine). I feel guilty that I didn’t journal my food while out of town this week – this led to indulgence, which led to me being completely exhausted. Fatigue makes this uphill battle so much more difficult. I should be on my bike getting some cardio in tonight. As I sit here, I find myself making excuses, thinking of the other things I need (or want) to do.  The worse my eating habits become, the less my body craves movement. Bah.

So, I am taking a few moments to refocus. I am coming to the realization that I should probably simplify my short term goals, and work gradually to get back to where I was pre-holiday stress. So, this week I will schedule (and make) one training session in at the gym, complete 3 – 45 minute cardio sessions (and will do them at home, if necessary), and will, most importantly, focus on journaling every bite or sip I put in my mouth. When I don’t eat right, I don’t seem to be able to make workouts a priority. I also need to strive to:

Drink less coffee. I have been really good about sticking to my one Diet Coke a day, but without being aware of it, I have begun to replace diet soda with coffee. Coffee that I flavor with fat free creamer and low cal sweetener – a combo of calories and crappy chemicals I don’t need! I now need to replace my coffee with WATER. I am sure my body will thank me with more rest – I’ve not been sleeping well, and it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that java is the culprit.

Eat at home. We’ve been eating out so much, and that spells disaster for my food tracking. We aren’t big on chain restaurants, so I’m rarely aware of all ingredients contained in what I am eating. I am working on a shopping list so tomorrow I can restock our refrigerator with fresh, healthy food. This is probably the most crucial of my goals for the week, as I need to get three days worth of accurate food journaling to Sharon for some much-needed tweaks to help me reach my nutritional requirements.

Keep on clickin’. Taking photos is the one thing that consistently keeps me out of the pantry. And, it burns calories. And, I love it. Even if my shots suck and aren’t worthy of posting here, I am gonna do it. I will thrive off of the encouragement of others.

Next weekend I will report on how I did.

In other news, as I may or my not have mentioned, Malcolm and I took a road trip to Grand Marais last week. The town was pretty much closed down for winter, but we don’t mind the quiet, so we really enjoyed ourselves. The time went by much too fast. I didn’t find time to read as much as I’d have liked, but I did get to use my camera a lot, and Mal was a really good sport, chaffering me around and acting as my “photographer’s assistant” in spite of the cold. Which reminds me, since I missed last Wednesday’s photo post, I promise make up for it this week!  🙂

A week ago today we joined a friend in Burnsville to watch a local School Of Rock perform the songs of Van Halen. Mal and I are your prototypical children of the 80’s. We have fond memories of and take pride in being raised in that era, and we LOVE the music. There are very few bands from our youth that we enjoy more than the mighty Van Halen. We adore kids and are always lonesome for our niece, too – so, it seemed like a pretty awesome way to spend and afternoon. As it turns out, it was. The kids were MAD talented! We were genuinely surprised and excited by how good they were!

In my younger days I had a dream to be a concert photographer, and would bring my camera to as many live shows as venues allowed. I’m a little (a lot) out of practice shooting live music, but it was so fun trying to get the hang of it again. If any of my local friends/readers ever want a buddy to see a live show with (local or national), hit me up – I am game for almost anything!

Here are a few highlights (the best of the bad bunch) from the photos I took at the show.

Don't let her expression fool you - this girl could wail!

Eddie Van Bieber? My niece will crush on this kid so bad.

I imagine DLR gives Eddie that look once in a while.

"Eruption"! And yes, he NAILED it.

Piano-key-necktie-kid totally channeled Roth on the high notes.




5 thoughts on “Absent

  1. Being honest with yourself is a key step. It sounds like you are being very open with yourself and that is so good!
    Keep setting those goals, but remember not to set too many! Small maintainable changes will have the lasting impact you are looking for and will help you feel less overwhelmed.
    Can’t wait to hang out and chat up a storm with you! That concert looks like it was a blast!

    • I am getting very good at the honesty part. I actually scaled back on my goals, if you can believe it. So far so good on drinking less coffee and eating at home. I do need to get my camera out … I’m going to St. Cloud tomorrow, so maybe it’ll warm up enough for me to have a little shutter fun there.

      The concert was TOO fun! I can’t wait to go to another. They were crazy good! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting, too!

    • I agree on the journaling thing — actually, when I work out, I am much more likely to work out AND track my food. I wish I could get past the “all or nothing” behaviors, though. I worry they are causing problems for me.

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