Not Sick Yet

Everyone I know seems to be down with the sickness or well on their way. As if the cold isn’t enough to keep me hunkered down in my Lake Elmo bunker, now I have to worry about supressing cooties everywhere I go. (Welcome to Excuse #214 for not going to the gym.)

I spent about 90% of last night and the early morning hours today convinced that I was coming down with dysentery, avian flu, or something equally icky. My shoulders felt like someone had strapped a couple of two-ton-heavy-things (or at least, a couple of kettlebells) to my shoulders. I couldn’t get comfortable enough to rest, and every time I got up to pee my tummy was flipping back and forth like one of those high end waffle makers. I overslept in spite of my discomfort, but once I had my morning coffee, was feeling back to my normal non-sickly self. Hope that sticks, because I have some new goals to work on.

JP left a comment on my post from yesterday, and his words got me thinking about a way to push myself to make some positive changes in my life. He suggested that I consider picking up my camera as an alternative to heading to the kitchen to eat my feelings away when I am feeling overwhelmed. The way he said it apparently hit a nerve, because it triggered an idea that frightens me because it would leave me vulnerable to critique — but that’s sort of the point of the exercise.

I DO need to pick up my camera more. I DO need to redirect my passion for food to another, more constructive passion. I DO need to practice my hobby. Practice doesn’t always make perfect,  but it will certainly make better. I want to be a better photographer, and it begins with consistency. I need to give myself a reason to be consistent. The best reason for me to be consistent in anything is accountability.

So, I’ve decided that I want to begin making a post a week here that features my photos. The shots I feature must be taken within the week prior to posting them, and then you all are welcome to comment and critique, look inside my soul, steal for your own blog (okay, maybe not THAT!) — but you get the idea. My plan is to do a post like this every Wednesday, and I will place them under the category of “Jens Lens”. Your job? To hold me accountable! If it’s Wednesday night and you don’t see a photo post from me, you have carte blanche to lob rude tweets at me, poke me without mercy on Facebook, email me, throw paper airplanes, send smoke signals, whatever… just please give me a push. I hope you don’t have to, but I know me, and I quit these things all too often. I don’t want to quit on this one.

Tomorrow Malcolm and I have an appointment with Trainer Sharon to discuss some things and to hopefully get back to the business of shrinking out butts. I hope she isn’t too disappointed in us. Mal is going to make some adjustments regarding his program to try and help take the pressure off. As for me, I want to go back to status quo again and see how things go. I will be tracking my food intake and exercise via, which works very well for me. If any of you have a profile there, please friend me there! And if you don’t have one, I cannot recommend that site enough. This is where my journey began, and I will be forever grateful to have found such a resource. Sign up, and feel free ask me anything you want – I’ve been a member since 2008.

Heavy on A&E - Gunning for The Biggest Loser's title as my favorite show?

Finally how GOOD is A&E’s new show “Heavy”? I needed to see that show, and I can’t wait until next week. I related to Jodi in so many ways. I was also excited that my gym (Anytime Fitness) was featured in their training once they left the facility – very cool! If you watched, what did you think?


4 thoughts on “Not Sick Yet

    • Thank you! I hope do my first photo post today. Time is quickly getting away from me, dang it. I did make it in for a workout, though. The elliptical doesn’t love me so much any more, but I shall conquer it again.

  1. Congrats on your dedication to fitness and photography. We’re rooting for you at Anytime HQ!

    Speaking of accountability, remember that your Anytime membership includes premium access to, where you can track diet and fitness, get community support, and expert advice.

    There are some cool new features, such as 24-hour support from certified personal trainers in the Q&A section, 35% member discount in the online store, and an iPhone app in development.

    One other thing, non-Anytime members can get total access to AH free for a limited time, so feel free to invite friends. They’d need to use the coupon code “million” when joining.

    Pardon the lengthy spiel – just want to make sure you know the resources available to you!

    • No worries. Because you are with Anytime Fitness, I’ll let you plug away. 🙂 And I have to admit, I am kind of stoked to hear that there is an iPhone app in the works! I would use the heck outta that!

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