I don’t have much time to write, because I have a delicious cut of red meat in my refrigerator that is patiently waiting for me to cook it for dinner. But before I do, I thought I should drop some thoughts here and “earn” my din-din:

Stop looking at my fat!

Okay, so it isn’t exactly lean, but I avoided fat like the plague today so I could enjoy this. Honest Abe, I haven’t had a ribeye in my house since May.

It may seem weird to be so excited about steak for dinner (okay, maybe not), but in the early months of my new lifestyle I all but gave up red meat, always opting for turkey, chicken or fish. Nothing against those things, but they didn’t satisfy me the way a good (occasional) hamburger or steak does. What can I say, I prefer the Ted Nugent nutrition plan. I also believe that my beef deprivation led to me having an iron deficiency, because I went through a period of intense hair loss. My hair is normally very, very thick. I mean, so thick that I could see my stylists discreetly roll her eyes or sigh when I was overdue for a haircut, because it took more time to texture and thin my hair than it did to wash, blow-dry and style it. After looking at all the ways my eating habits had changed, and after talking to Trainer Sharon, I decided that my calorie intake was probably too low, and decided for myself that it was probably best for my health (and my mental strength when it comes to eating right), that I allow myself some lean red meat every once in a while. As an American girl, I find it very hard to spend the rest of my life sans-burgers. Not gonna happen. The good news is now that I have upped my calories and have been enjoying iron-rich red meat more often, the hair loss is slowing down. My hairdresser also convinced me to start a hair/skin/nails supplement, which I did, but I still think the answer’s in the BEEF!

I had very good workouts both yesterday and today. Turns out Trainer Herm had forgotten about our scheduled time yesterday, which was no biggie – Mal and I worked on our own. We did a fun workout that Herm had done with us once before, and by some miracle, I remembered it accurately (at least that’s what I told myself). Today we went in for some cardio, and Mal did better than he’s done since he got sick. I know it sucks to sweat and breathe heavy when you don’t feel your best, so I am really proud of him. Tomorrow we work with Trainer Sharon, and I always look forward to that. She was out of town visiting family for an extended weekend, and I missed my friend!  🙂

Tomorrow is going to be cah-razy, so I may not get time to journal. Mal’s got a 7AM dental appointment, then we have plans to go car shopping, as our lease on The Beast is up next month. Nothing gets Malcolm crankier than shopping for cars (other than maybe clothes shopping), so I can’t say that it’ll be fun. Pray for us, because I am certain we’ll both feel like stress eating our faces off by lunchtime. Tomorrow is also our meeting with the editor about our possible feature story, so I hope that goes well, too. Plus, we need to weigh-in tomorrow. We usually weigh at the gym on Mondays, but  Sharon was out of town, so we’re weighing tomorrow. I’m anxious that my slacker weekend will catch up with me…

I set a goal with Sharon this week to try a new piece of equipment at the gym. So far I’ve used the bike, treadmill, elliptical, seated leg press, cross cable machines, lat machine and triceps press. Any suggestions on what I should learn and burn off The Fatness with next?


6 thoughts on “Carnivore

      • Oh my freakin lord. I have seats in club row 1 under the horn on december 3rd. I think I might have to enter D in this.

        An over cooked ribeye is always better than no ribeye any day of the week. My childhood best friend has a brother who is a partner at Ready Meats on Johnson in NE minneapolis. Awesome!

    • Kris, you obviously know how to ENJOY the protein. If mine’s still mooing, I’m totally okay with that! Unfortunately I got sidetracked and overcooked it, but it was seasoned well, so I enjoyed it regardless. So satisfying!

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