Wintry Weekend

Not much to report after a rather uneventful weekend. PSA: Put your anti-boredom goggles on if you choose to proceed reading this post. After the last month, I am pretty okay with dull and quiet, thankyouverymuch.

Saturday was my scheduled day of “rest” (meaning no workout), which was good because Mother Nature left a surprise in my front yard:

Winter Wonderland - © Jennifer Michaels 2010

It was only the second day this month that I didn’t get a minimum 30 minute workout in. Instead I took a drive in the snow with my sweetie, enjoyed a late breakfast at Joseph’s (pancakes, oops!), then came home and enjoyed the Winter Wonderland from my living room window, rather than from the gym. (Not that they don’t have lots of great windows at Anytime Fitness, but what they don’t have is a fireplace. Plus, I really did need the rest.) Oh, I should also note that our power was out most of the day, so we had to entertain ourselves with books and cellphones. Thankfully they were charged. I might have gotten the jitters had I not been able to read the Twitters.

I had planned to get my calorie burn on BIGTIME on Sunday, but my body had other plans. Malcolm and I were supposed to head out to his aunts’ house to help them play musical furniture. They had put their house up for sale with a new Realtor this week (who also happens to be our landlord), and have (very reluctantly) began to face to reality that they have too much stuff crammed in their place, making their spacious 1700 sq. ft. home seem much smaller than it is. After that my plan was to hit the gym for an hour of cardio. Unfortunately, Malcolm had to do the grunt work alone, because I woke up feeling feverish, stuffy-nosed, and just plain icky in general. Convinced that I was coming down with “The Crud” that Mal had last week, I stayed in bed late, had some lunch and caught up on posting a bunch of my “big me” clothes on eBay. No need keeping the old threads around. I’ve been to that section of FatTown, and I don’t plan on going back.

Malcolm came home in the early afternoon, and his aunts had sent a slice of homemade pumpkin pie for me. D’oh! (Yes, I eated it.) I also indulged in some fried comfort food for dinner. <Shame> But today (thankfully!) I awoke feeling much better – refreshed, refocused and ready to eat the good stuff. We have a session scheduled with Trainer Herm today, so I’d better be up to par, because I’m gonna need all the strength I can muster to keep up with the boys. I will keep my focus on those extra caloric indulgences I partook in over the weekend. I certainly don’t want all that sugar setting up camp in The Fatness this week!

Happy Monday, kiddies. May your week bring you much joy and success!


2 thoughts on “Wintry Weekend

  1. I am so greatful the first snow fell on a weekend. It gave MnDot a chance to get a plow under their belts and drivers a chance to relearn under not rush hour conditions.

    I am totally with you on getting rid of old fat clothes. I think i may keep one pair for that omfg how out of control was my life perspective but the train has left the station from fatville to healthy town and I am workin that caboose! I will never wear those clotges again. I never had much luch selling off my old clothes even with like .99 starting bids with tags still on stuff.
    I think most of my stuff will end up bagged and donated in hopes someone could use it. Although maybe I need to learn how to alter clothes… It would seem a better option if I wore more than jeans and tshirts.

    Can i say don’t feel shame in eating comfort food. I still eat comfort food. Mmm cheesey rice with ham and broccoli. It’s all about balance. Each day ends and begins again thats the great part about this journey. We can have a do over every day!
    Have a great week! Enjoy the weather, drive careful out there.

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