My Emerging Lap

Since I began my serious trek to better health 7 months ago, I have experienced a lot of changes – mental and physical – many of which I won’t remember in a year’s time, and some I have already forgotten and have begun to take for granted. I wish that I’d had the guts and patience to archive the experience sooner, but I think maybe the fact that I didn’t also makes me more aware now of the small, daily changes that are actually significant victories!

Today, I became aware of such a change, doing something I NEVER do anymore. Today, I had to eat a fast food lunch in my car. <Cue dramatic music! DUN DUN DUUUUUH!> A serious no-no for me on any normal day… but today I had to hit the gym at noon to get my strength and cardio workouts in, and had to leave by 1:00 so Malcolm could make his 2:00 doctor appointment to hopefully confirm that he hadn’t contracted a severe case of dysentery from working out (oh, the joy of sharing one car!) I wanted to ride along with my sick sweetie to the doc, and since I was ravenous after the all-killer, some-thriller total body workout with my trainer Sharon today, I needed to eat, pronto. I decided to grab some Arby’s on the way. Yeah, not really an ultimate healthy food choice, but considering my other options (BK, Taco Johns, KFC, A&W and Culvers) – I hope I did okay with my Market Fresh Turkey and Swiss sans mayo, which was quite filling, and a meal in itself. No sides required.

So, I was in the car, I had my (sorta) healthy meal, and I needed to eat… in the car… which previously would have meant unwrapping and spreading the sandwich out in the middle console, only to be eventually smashed to smithereens by the gear shift when we got to the parking lot. Well, today I was able to spread out my sandwich in my lap, also formerly known as the resting area of The Fatness. I haven’t been able to balance a meal (let alone much else) on my lap since my mid twenties, so I was ELATED. So much, that I forgave myself right away for not planning ahead and having to resort to the fast food fix.

So, more good things today: The Fatness is falling back. Probably shrinking out of total fear of Sharon and her total bod workouts. (I’m kidding, Sharon! I promise I do love it, and every minute is worth the pain! Please don’t hurt me!) Also good: Malcolm doesn’t have dysentery. Doctor K. seems to think it’s just a viral head cold that needs to run its course, and we will be picking up some prescribed cough syrup shortly, and hopefully we can both get some much needed sleep tonight. Finally, the best: Welcome back, Jenn’s lap! Wahoo!

Skinny people, take it from me. Never take your lap for granted.


3 thoughts on “My Emerging Lap

  1. I think I might need to add a measurement to our list at anytime. Belly to knee lap measurements. My Kiddo seems to think mine is shrinking too. Well done and man do I hate that stretch of hwy 5 and all the choices for food damage!

    • Darned skippy on the new measurement. I actually have thighs now… not that I’m bragging or anything. 😉 Highway 5 is a healthy eater’s worst nightmare. I love living in the ‘burbs, but I don’t like to cook. Sadly for me, healthy dining out options are much more rare out here in the sticks.

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