Motivation Momma

November is almost halfway gone. Whoa, when did that happen? I realized this morning that the clock is ticking, and I’m running out of time to make lists, plan for and prepare my upcoming Thanksgiving feast. It made me a little mad that I don’t seem to be getting my to-do list done, so I decided to flip frustration on its head, and start thinking about what I am grateful for.

The past few weeks have been a complete blur. I have been getting a lot done, and thankfully my work at the gym has helped me improve upon my ability to manage my time. I am grateful for this, but it hasn’t come easily. Shortly after I signed up and began my new Anytime Fitness routine, my mom, who lives in Colorado, took a very bad fall down a flight of stairs. She was staying at my brother’s house, and had gotten up early to fix breakfast for him before he went to work. It was still dark out, and she wandered to the kitchen in the dark – kids, please remember to always turn the light on – especially when you have to wander anywhere near an open stairway. I guess she took a wrong turn, a misstep, or whatever, and tumbled a full flight of stairs in the darkness. Thankfully my brother and dad heard her, though I can only imagine how horrific it must have been to hear the fall, and then find her laying helpless at the bottom of the stairs.

My mom has her share of health problems, osteoporosis being one of them. By some miracle, she didn’t break any bones, nor did she suffer a concussion in the accident. The ER doctor did discover a small fracture in her neck, but have reason to believe that the fracture stemmed from a previous injury, though they don’t know for sure. This month of Thanksgiving has me thinking about how much I have to be thankful for, and right now there is nothing I appreciate more than the fact that my mom survived the fall at all, not to mention how she was “protected” from far worse injury. Although it pains me to see her suffer from the bruising, swelling, uncomfortable neck brace, and persistent pain (possibly tendon damage) in her shoulder, I feel so blessed that she isn’t still in the hospital, or worse, not with us at all. I just can’t bear to imagine my world without this beautiful smile…


My mom reads this journal, and I want her to know what an influence she has on me wanting to make positive changes in my life. She has struggled with weight issues and disorders, and probably understands my lack of confidence better than anyone. She has more strength and patience than almost anyone I know, and these traits didn’t come naturally. I have watched her work for them, persevering  through difficult times and setbacks in her life – some of the worst occurred before I was even born. Her fortitude and unspoken desire to work at becoming a better person today than she was yesterday inspires me, and gives me a much needed dose of motivation. She doesn’t recognize how strong she is, so I felt today was a good day to take the opportunity to tell her so.

Thanks for being my cheerleader, and I love you, mom. Get well soon. ❤

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